Fresh Leaf CBD Concentrate 15ml

Fresh Leaf CBD concentrate is designed to be used with your favorite food or vape juices. Simply put a few drops into your preferred midday treats or e-liquids and feel the relaxation only available from the finest of CBD concentrates. The perfectly convenient way to include a dose of CBD into your daily routine!

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Fresh Leaf CBD Concentrate Information

Made from CBD Isolate and 100% THC free Fresh Leaf CBD Concentrate is a convenient way to add CBD to your favorite vape e-liquids. Additionally the juice can be added to any food or drink for dosing on the go. For vaping simply mix 6-8 drops with your juice, let seep for a few seconds then vape away.

Though it may be tempting to vape just the concentrate alone this is not recommended due to the potency and the strength of the Propylene Glycol as well as the fact that the liquid alone is tasteless. The quality of each bottle of CBD Concentrate is ensured due to the in-house manufacturing and processing by Fresh Leaf.

This includes the use of only USA grown hemp in all of it’s CBD isolate products in order to ensure purity and potency. Each 15ml bottle is available in concentration of 1000mg (66.6mg per 1ml), 600mg (40mg per 1 ml), 350mg (23.3mg per 1ml), and 150mg (10mg per 1ml).


  • CBD Isolate Crystals
  • Can be mixed with vape juice, drinks, food or vaped alone (not recommended)
  • No Detectable THC
  • Can be used with 0% nicotine, free base or salt nicotine e-liquids
  • Can be used in both sub ohm and pod type vape systems
  • Dosage is an easy 6-8 drops

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